Vegan Bakery: Replacing Non-Vegan Ingredients.

Bakery scares a lot of people, both vegans and non-vegans. If you’re not experienced, you just never know whether baking soda or yeast will actually work the way you want it. Turning vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up on all your favourite things.  Almost all the baking recipes can be adapted to be fully vegan and yet tasty.

I have to admit, I don’t have the patience to strictly respect the recipe, which is why not all my vegan bakery turns well. However, I have mastered a few basic things that work just fine.
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Replacing Eggs: One of the main ingredients that people look to replace are eggs. To get a similar effect you can use flaxseed flour or a banana. I, personally, don’t use any of those, but maybe I should try it too.

Replacing Milk: Cow milk can be replaced by soy milk. I use a combination of soy milk and water. Some people just use water and it works fine.

Replacing Butter: Butter can be replaced by margarine, vegetable oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil gives bakery softness, as seems to me, and it can be added to both bread and sweet pies. I wouldn’t add it to the pizza dough, because it does give bakery a thin coconut scent.

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