Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara, Ultra Black Organics
Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara, Ultra Black OrganicsPhysicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara, Ultra Black OrganicsPhysicians Formula Mascara‎Physicians Formula Mascara‎Organic Wear Mascara

Mascara with 100% Natural ingredients, 5x lash boosting

Now having this product I’m very proud and happy, because it corresponds to the highest standards of organic and cruelty-free makeup. First of all let me say that the quality is awesome. The mascara is not dry and it doesn’t take you several weeks to adjust. The brush is 100% recyclable eco brush and its form allows you to lift every eyelash.

Physicians Formula can be also called “green makeup”, due to its amazing natural ingredients. There are no parabens, no synthetic preservatives, no harsh chemicals, no GMOs (genetically modified organisms), no synthetic coloring or fragrances and also cruelty-free, meaning it is not tested on animals. Natural ingredients of this mascara are hypo-allergenic and tested by ophthalmologists to prevent eye allergies or any minimal irritation to your eyes and skin. Among the ingredients there are various natural organic purified oils that give your eyelashes a great definition.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara
100% natural origin
70% organic
Eco certified

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Product Description

I like the fact that natural and organic can be combined perfectly with quality and a reasonable price. Obviously to contain organic ingredients, the product can not be very cheap. You can’t have a good mascara for 5$, you probably understand that. This one costs around 9-10$, which is a minimum price for a good mascara. It is not waterproof, so it can be easily removed by simple water without ripping of your eyelashes every time. This product has various quality certificates. Made in USA.

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