My Vegan InstaFood This Summer

This summer was full of new recipes, new ingredients and products. I was experimenting with various vegan products and I managed to maintain my healthy and nutritious diet, enjoying it at the same time. All of this was posted on my Instagram account that you can find below.

Among the main discoveries of this summer were the veggie burgers from Gardein. I usually buy them from Costco. Each veggie burger has 15gr of protein, it is very tasty and filling.

Non-dairy cheese from Daiya also became one of my favorites. Every Saturday I make pizza and I’m so happy that I can have some vegan cheese that actually melts. Daiya offers several options: slices or shredded. Both are very yummy.

Another amazing product to be discovered was Végé-pâté from Fontaine Sante made in Quebec, Canada. This is an incredible pate, great for sandwiches in the morning. The taste is very intense. Fontaine Sante also has great humus choices.
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Hemp and chia seeds are now in my fridge as well (yes, you have to refrigerate them after opening). Love to add them to salads and smoothies. Another great ingredient for smoothies is Soy or Almond milk. I mix it with frozen fruits and I get an amazing protein shake, because hemp and chia are super rich in proteins.

Avocados are great for when you’re hungry. The healthy Omega 3 and other fatty acids will give you a health glow, providing a great support for your muscles and joints.

And Quinoa, of course. It has a neutral taste and goes well with any salad dressing. It is very rich in various nutritious elements and proteins as well.

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