My Favorites in May. First Wrinkles.

I thought I should do a post like this, since I’m trying new stuff every month anyway. This was a delivery from IHerb and I’ll post the links to all of these products. Last winter was very tough on me. Montreal’s low temperatures, lots of snow and freezing wind exhausted and damaged my skin a lot. Winter had just finished about a month ago only and I’m making some attempts to recover my skin. I tried to apply my usual Almond Oil, but it just doesn’t work anymore like it used to. The small wrinkles under my eyes had became permanent and more pronounced this time. I thought I should try something better.

An awesome discovery was the Seriously Firming Facial Serum from Acure. For some reason, I though it was a Chinese brand or something like that. I think there is a similar brand title that created this association in my mind, which is why I have never tested anything from this company. However the reviews on Iherb are really good, particularly for this product. Thinking about spending around 20CAD, it should be one of the best products, with no negative reviews. Turns out it is being manufactured in the USA and it is USDA certified organic.

This serum is vegan, gluten free (although, I don’t think it is important, because you apply it externally), paraben, petroleum, silicone, sulfate free and others. It claims it won’t clog pores and is 100% biodegradable and I hope it is, because I often think what is going to be with all these small bottles we use and trough away after. It is a 30ml bottle with a pump, which makes it easy to use and apply.


The texture is a very thin oil, applies easily on the skin and absorbs without clogging the pores as they mention on the box. The ingredients are only organic oils, like: organic safflower, sesame seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, borage oil, argan oil, sweet orange, cranberry, lavender, olive and rosemary oils. Smells amazingly like pine needles. I love it. It has a good moisturizing effect. I’ve been using it only for a month, I can’t say it treated my wrinkles, but it definitely made my skin softer and not so dry. Makeup arranges pretty well the next day, when the skin is properly moisturized. I can definitely tell the difference.

I bought this Acure Facial Serum for 16.99USD – 15% from the original price. You can get it from Iherb here.
P1360336Another two great products are from Nature’s Gate. My favorite brand that had never disappointed me. This time a got a Glow Lotion for Medium Skin Tones. I already have a self-tanner from this company, but it is in a small 115ml package. I wanted a bigger bottle. This one is 473ml and costs a little more, almost 10USD. It is a natural, safe product, made of herbal extracts like Shea Butter and apricot kernel oil for example. As usual there are no parabens, petrolium and so on.

I like to use a self tanner, because it protects my skin from the unnecessary exposure to the sun, giving me the bronze glow. I was afraid that the color would be too light, but it is just perfect from the first try. The intensity of the shadow is just like with the other self-tanner. If you want a darker shadow, just apply it again the next day. Being honest, the product smells like a usual tanning lotion. I have to admit, I prefer the smell of the self-tanner in the smaller package, but this one is worth the price. It’s a huge bottle that should last for the entire summer. It doesn’t leave any stains on clothes or linen. The bottle has a nice pump that makes it easy to use.

The other product is the Hemp Body Wash. Hemp is so popular these days, they make everything with this ingredient. The quality is great as usual, I have no irritation, my skin loves it and if I need to wash my cats, I use it as well, because it is all very natural. I’m not a fan of this one in particular, because it is almost scentless. I like my body wash to have an intense smell. I should try the Jojoba one next time, or get back to the pomegranate.

My friend got the Nature’s gate jojoba conditioner and she loves it. Hair gets very smooth and smells amazing. Try it here.


I just got my new package today with a lot of stuff from Vitacost. Use my link to get a good discount on your first order.
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