My facial Skincare Routine.

I know it is very hard to recommend some products you like to use to other people, even though you think they might be the best you’ve tried. We are all so different and our skin and bodies react in a totally different, unpredicted way. It is like Jenna Marbles was saying in one of her videos recently that she wanted to have curly hair when she was little. So she asked her classmate, who had curly hair, what shampoo she was using. And as a kid, Jenna was totally sure she would get the same hair. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and us, women, we get influenced very easily when someone introduces a new product to us. Sometimes, it is even enough to see a nice photo on Instagram and you start to have an interest for the product. Well, that is the world we are living in right now.
What I want to do is share with you my experience in this post. This is what works for me on a daily basis. I like to wake up in the morning and wash my face with a natural soap. I have an oily/combination skin, so it helps me to take the excessive oil away. To moisturize it in the morning, I don’t need much hydration, so I use the Alba Botanica Hibiscus toner. I like to combine it with their eye gel, that gives a refreshed feeling for the next several hours.
My facial skin care routine.If I’m going out, I prefer to apply a light moisturizer, something like the Simple lotion in the picture. It is a very cheap brand, but it has no scent or harsh chemicals, so it never provokes me any irritation. And I can’t put heavy creams on my skin during the day, so it matches perfectly my skin type.
When I’m back in the evening, it is time to clean the skin very well and prepare it for sleep. I use abrasive exfoliates only 2 times a week maximum. I don’t recommend you to use them more often. Minimize its use if you have dry skin or better use other, more gentle cleansers. Before proceeding with the next step, I like to hydrate it with the toner mentioned above. It also helps take away just in case there are some particles left from the exfoliator the on skin.
Shop Organic Cotton Tampons at The Honest Company!scrubIt is very important to hydrate your face with a rich cream or natural facial oil. I’ve said this before – even if you have oily skin, you can keep it clean, like I do, and use oils. Organic oil-based serums do not block your pores, unless you don’t clean it very well. It is you hormones and your diet that provoke acne and blemishes. I’m not afraid to use oils. I like the almond one from Now Foods . I’ve been using it for a year. I don’t feel the need to apply it every night, but several times per week works fine for me.
makeupremoverAnother trick that I use is the body creams and lotions. I don’t believe that our face needs a totally different cream than the rest of the body, with some exceptions. If you don’t have a problematic skin, I recommend you save some money. Face creams are usually sold in small packages ten times more expensive that the body creams, sold in huge bottles. I don’t see a reason for that. I have been using Nivea for many years (they claim they don’t test any ingredients on animals, they are not on any PETA’s lists though). Nivea has these traditional creams that are good for anything, it says face, body and hands. As long as it works fine for me, why should I pay more?
My facial skin care routine.I have recently bought this Kirkland body lotion from Costco. It was only CAD$9.99 for two 650ml bottles. The lotion is nice to be placed in the bathroom and used for any purposes, especially after washing your hands too often, sometimes I feel my skin is getting too dry. The lotion is of medium thickness, providing just enough hydration, without making it greasy and messy. And the scent is very light and very familiar. I apply it on my face as well, as you probably understood. Kirkland cosmetics are made in Canada do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals, do not contain any parabens and stuff like that.
If you keep your skin clean and hydrated you will prevent any premature wrinkles and will keep a fresher look for a longer time. Ageing shouldn’t be scary. You just need to know how to take care of yourself. Let me know in your comments bellow how do you take care of your face skin.