My Acure Organics Collection. Review.

Initially, I have decided to try these products for their organic ingredients. I was really curious to if it would make any difference for my skin. The reviews online are pretty good for almost everything Acure does. There are a few important features they provide: quality, thin scent, organic and hypoallergenic.
Acure Organics
Let’s start with negative aspects first: everything comes in small packaging. Facial moisturizers are only 50ml so you’ll finish it in a month and you’ll have to buy a new one very soon. The same concerns the shampoos and body washes. They also don’t have an anti-wrinkle line. There is only one anti-aging cream available. I would love to have an entire collection for aging skincare, like makeup remover, day and night moisturizer, serums etc.
The good things are that all the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Something unique that I haven’t seen before are the plant based stem cells that are included in almost every product. I don’t know how they do it, but their products contain lilac, argan, chlorella and other stem cells. And I want to believe that it helps my skin rejuvenate. In fact, I do feel a difference in the way their creams and lotions are absorbed and how deeply moisturizing they are. This also helps prevent premature aging signs.

The Acure brightening facial scrub has provided me one of the best exfoliating experiences so far. I hate it when similar products are exfoliating, but drying your skin at the same time. I immediately want to apply the richest cream or oil I have to fight dryness. This scrub works differently. I apply it and leave it for a few minutes. The liquid part of it has coconut oil, blackberry, pomegranate, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, french green clay and a tone of other extracts that are nourishing your skin. That’s why when I take it off, my skin is not dry and all I need is a light cream or lotion.

Acure Organics review

The exfoliating particles are pretty large I would say. I would expect them to be smaller in a facial scrub. However, as I mentioned, my skin doesn’t get too dry, so I’m happy. The color of the product is dark green. I though it looked weird, but the smell is really nice. It should work for any skin type. They claim that it reduces pigmentation. I don’t have any, so I can’t say. Use my link to get 10% off on Vitacost.

Another product that I got was the 30ml Acure Eye Cream, chlorella growth factor + edelweiss stem cells. The cream has a medium thickness texture. Just perfect for this destination. They claim it stimulates the new collagen in your skin and reduces wrinkles. Yes, I agree with that. I have some thin wrinkles under my eyes and they reduced about 30-40% in just a few weeks. It can’t be back the way it was obviously, but I think it’s a good result and it should be for those that just need a maintaining product. It’s not a radical anti-wrinkle measure. It is just a great moisturizer and stimulates your skin. If you’re around 30 years old, it should be good for you. Use my link to get 10% off on Vitacost.

Acure Organics best of

The Acure Seriously Firming Facial Serum is a great moisturizing product for cold winters like in Montreal. It can really save you after a long cold and windy day outside. I have already described it in one of the previous posts. It’s not cheap, it’s 16.99 USD, which is over 20 CAD now. But it’s a nice oily facial serum. Like many similar products, it claims that it doesn’t clog the pores. I don’t know about that, since my skin is not that problematic. Someone with acne probably shouldn’t use it. Ingredients are organic and it has a pine scent which I adore. A little goes a long way for sure with this one. Helps preventing wrinkles, is not an anti-wrinkle product though. And they claim you can use it as an eye makeup remover, but I haven’t tried it. Use my link to get 10% off on Vitacost.

Acure Organics

As you can see in the picture above, the serum is very liquid and it gives you a thin coverage, which is what you need from an oily product like that.

And the last one that I have also described previously is their Oil Control Facial Moisturizer, lilac stem cell +1% chlorella growth factor. And this one is for oily/acne skin specifically. The thing is that in summer my skin is horrible and full of imperfections. I can barely apply any moisturizer. Everything makes my skin greasy. When summer is over, my skin is awesome, clean and accepts any kind of products. So I needed something like this, that would not make it oily and disgusting. This moisturizer does give you a mat effect. I feel fresh and apply makeup on it if I want to. It controls sebum production, so in summer, when I couldn’t apply rich night creams, I would use this one instead. Stem cells help balancing oil in your skin and reduce imperfections. The only issue is that it’s only 50 ml. I need a new one. It’s a must-have product for problematic skin! Use my link to get 10% off on Vitacost.

Acure Organics

The texture is medium thick. Just the way I like it. The scent is very nice too.

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