Have a hot vacation and protect your skin!

I recently went on a vacation to Cuba and this post will be on the products I used to protect my skin from the sun damage.
We all know how bad the sun is for your skin. Besides premature exhaustion, it can also lead too skin cancer. California has the highest rates of skin cancer due to the fact that they are constantly exposed to the sun. But even in Canada, where half of the year is winter basically, there are a lot of sunny days and you can’t leave your skin unprotected. So don’t go out without a good 20 SPF cream on.
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I was getting ready for my vacation and I thought “This time I’m not buying the drugstore sunscreen. No way!”. I went to www.Well.ca, since they have a quick one week delivery for free (on order over $25) and ordered (use my coupon 10off2015 and get $10 off) a Kiss My Face 30 SPF Sunscreen Spray Lotion. I thought 30 SPF would be enough, since I will be exposed to the sun for many days. And of course, it is a vegan and cruelty-free product, as usual.
photo 4
I have to say that for the first time my sunscreen wasn’t greasy and disgusting. I could even apply makeup over it when I wanted to do some pictures. I have to admit, I didn’t stay in the sun too much anyway, but my skin never got burnt during my entire vacation. My husband, whose skin is a bit lighter, also was very well protected. We both enjoyed this product also because we’ve spent a lot of time in the water and it was water resistant.
A little goes a long way. I used only half of the 236 ml bottle. I will have some more left for summer. I like the texture and the smell. It is all perfect and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is also good for the kids and it is made in Canada.

The other product that I used before and during my vacation, was the Nature’s Gate Self Tanner. A great product if you don’t want to look pale on the beach during the first days, or if you don’t want to stay in the sun anyway, but you like to have that bronzed glow. I have already described it in my other post here http://www.albinastore.com/product/natures-gate-sunless-tanner-self-tanning-lotion-4-oz/ . It is very affordable and it is on sale now. It is very easy to apply and get a great, uniform, intense color. You should definitely try it.

I hope you enjoy your experience with these products. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.