Find out how mineral salt deodorants can help you prevent the odour.

I came across these deodorants several times in different reviews. People were saying how amazing they are, how natural and easy to use. I was even more surprised when I saw the price – under $3. So I immediately added two deodorants in order to add to my shopping cart and get a free shipping from (use my coupon 10off2015 and get $10 off).

At first when I got them, I was a bit confused. How does this work? It is just a piece of mineral salt, a salt crystal. I have never heard of salt being used to prevent odour or sweating. Originally made in Thailand, where it is very hot and humid, these deodorants really help to prevent the bad bacteria and the sweat smell. Somehow, the salt creates a layer that prevents the growth of bacteria on your skin. It really works and a lot of people on Youtube claim that this is their favourite product now.
mineral salt deodorants
I didn’t know how to use it to make it really work. The deodorant is just a rock, very solid and dry. It doesn’t have a creamy texture we are used to in such products. The secret is that you have to wet it just a bit and than start rubbing your armpit, basically, until it becomes dry. It may take some time until the rock gets totally dry, but that is how you can create that salty layer on your skin. There might be some redness on your skin due to friction, but it will pass in a couple of minutes. But don’t get crazy with that rubbing, ok? I noticed that after a couple of months of using it, this rock became kind of smaller than it used to. But I guess I will be using it for another year, a little goes a very very long way with this product.

Shop Organic Cotton Tampons at The Honest Company!Don’t expect it to prevent you from sweating. It doesn’t block the pores. The purpose of the crystal type deodorants is mostly to prevent the smell. It is even not so healthy to fight sweating, your body actually regulates its temperature through this mechanism. The best thing you can do is to prevent the odour.

I would recommend you not to wear the clothes that are too tight to your armpits. It will make you sweat even harder and no deodorant will save you. And always, always shave your armpits perfectly. Otherwise, nothing will work on you. This is a natural, mineral deodorant, so don’t expect 100% dryness. Since it is very small, it is good to be taken with you during the day and when you have a moment, try to get a little refreshed and reapply it, if necessary. There is no product that will keep you perfect during a long, active day anyway.

The two deodorants that I bought are called Lafe’s Natural BodyCare and Crystal. Both are natural products not tested on animals. I hope you enjoy this review. Let me know if you have any questions or what was your experience with these products.