Breastfeeding: nowadays risks and challenges.

Natural feeding of infants with breast milk is considered to be the best way of giving your child the most adequate nutrition, but also providing psychological comfort. Various associations of pediatrics, family doctors and other health related professionals and institutions, highly recommend and promote breastfeeding among new moms.

It is also very crucial for people living in poverty that can’t afford to purchase good quality instant milk formula. Nevertheless, breast milk can never be replaced by any artificial supplements, due to its richness in nutrients and adequate balance of water, sugar, protein and fat. Multiple studies have shown that breastfeeding for at least three months have immediate and long term effects, it can reduce the risks of sudden infant death syndrome by 50%, but also improve the immunity and have a beneficial long term effect on the heart health.

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Living in the city, having a full time job, having many other responsibilities, affects the nutrition, the health of the mother and also the possibility to breastfeed. The intense daily schedule makes breastfeeding very often impossible. Other women choose not to breastfeed due to various other reasons and shouldn’t be shamed for it. However the scientific research confirms its importance and long term beneficial effect on newborns.


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According to the Brown School at the Washington University have established that in long term heart diseases and metabolic syndrome (big belly) can be reduced. It is also the best and easily digested food for the child and reduces the risks of further allergies and diabetes. However the most important effect is the development of the necessary bacteria in the digestive system that will help the child form the internal flora and regulate the digestion. The beneficial bacteria are also important for the development of the immune system. It also helps to improve the bonding between the mother and the child, their connection and relaxation of both. The skin to skin contact is very important. Some reports even claim that babies fed naturally during the first six months get better scores on their IQ tests.

Counseling for mothers is very important. Studies have shown that women who received counseling and advice on breastfeeding were more likely to follow the instructions they have received. And due to those various negative factors in everyone’s life it may be very challenging to succeed in several months of continuous lactation. Single mothers, families with low income are especially vulnerable and need that kind and advice and support, especially from their peers. Various counseling groups, clinics, community initiatives that can assist and educate on the challenges of this process.

So there is a lot of scientific data that proves once again what everyone knew, that breastfeeding is a complex nutrition essential for the baby and that can impact the rest of the life. There are a lot of negative factors that can influence the decision of ability for natural lactation. Thankfully, there is a lot of information nowadays that can assist women and their families in this process.
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